Friday, January 13, 2012

Not Quite a Liberal Obituary

Hey. How's it going?

Five months since I have written anything. Partly a conscious decision made since The Harper Government has gotten into the swing of things. Partly laziness since I started working again.

Biggest change in my life? I'm a public servant... for now anyways. Good money says I'm out of a job by the summer. I had applied for an indeterminate position that was made term by an anxious hiring authority just before I was given the contract. My position should be safe, but the budget is going to create a few thousand indeterminate public servants that have priority status over a lowly term employee. So when my time is up someone else will probably get my position. No sour grapes though... well aside from the whole priority list thing. There is waste in the government, and it should be cut away. Do I believe a few thousand Canadians should have their lives turned upside down due to one of the stupidest tax policy decisions in the history of the Western World? No. But here we are. Tax increases are now toxic and The Harper Government ruined the country's finances and that has to be fixed.

So that's the laziness part: employment in a pretty inconvenient location. A couple hours of OCTranspo a day drains you. Also, government frowns on non-business internet use, so I can't be quite the news addict that I used to be.

The other part is just the complete lock-down The Harper Government has on the Canadian news industry. I wake up each day with a pretty good idea of what the political stories will be in the increasingly horrible Globe and the almost giddy Post Media papers. Add in the tiresome sheep of the Canadian punditocracy on an increasingly influential Twitter and you get a severe case of the blahs.

Harper the mastermind will be in power for the next half-century. The NDP are doomed. The Liberals are doomed... sorry, the Liberals are DOOMED!!! Anyone who is still living in Ontario or Quebec should probably just kill themselves. Some variation of these will appear in the news every single day of the week.

The Liberals are the only interesting thing on the Canadian political scene. They've punched above their weight as the third party while the NDP gives new meaning to the term "shadow cabinet". Nonetheless, the media continues to shout out dead man walking every time the L word is mentioned and everyone is quite certain that if - er, when - this weekend's convention fails to produce the awesomest political party EVER, the Grits might as well throw in the towel. I don't think there's any reason the Liberals should be operating under this weird deadline, but the media creates the narrative here.

Anywho, I'm slightly more attentive than I have been now and hope to have something to say about the whole mess in the future.