Sunday, August 14, 2011

Coren pulls a Starkey

Apparently Michael Coren and SunTV are jealous of all the attention David Starkey has been getting.

Via Dr. Dawg.

Dawg suggests the Broadcast Standards Council and CRTC should be sent a couple notes. Frankly I'm not so sure that isn't exactly what SunTV and Coren want, nothing better for their ratings and tabloid sales. Should be spread around though.


  1. That's exactly what they want. At this point for SUNTV, lots of bad publicity is a crapload of free advertising for them.

    However between this statement, and the 'Lefties were asking for it' remarks he made in regards to the youths being gunned down in Norway; it's clear the CRTC should be giving serious attention to Coren and SUNTV.

  2. I can't imagine this wasn't scripted. Sticks way too close to what Starkey said earlier (?). Again I don't know what good having the CRTC come down on them does. We know the CRTC is one of those silly obsessions of CPC sheep, and if they pick a fight with SunTV the ratings go through the roof. Seems SunTV is doing a good enough job failing on its own, any attempt to help it along seems doomed to backfire.

  3. Good point. Sun TV News is vying for the victimization stakes. All they need is one issue to make it the poster child for victims. It's what Conservatives do so well.

  4. Since I see that the Brits are a violent race, I must conclude that the Vancouver riots were caused by British "Canadians" since many of them have Bri'ish backgrounds. The G20 riots and arrests were the result of British Canadian police thugs who hated the presence of French Canadians in the city of Toronto. Since Michael Coren comes from the same breed of British thugs (although not necessarily thuggish himself), he should take responsibility for the creeping thuggish Britishization/Britishisation that is invading Canada. Britishists are destroying Canada. Michael Coren should change his accent and get his fellow Britishist Canadians to behave more like peaceful Canadians.

    I think we should get rid of all Britishist influence in Canada. Let's change the name of British Columbia to Canadian Ogopogoland. Victoria will be renamed "Senior Citizen Stadt." The monarchy will be replaced by the winner of the upcoming Canada's Got Talent show (so long as the winner is not a Britishist).

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