Monday, June 20, 2011

While the Opposition slept...

With the NDP (edit: busy) deciding to not not stop being socialists and the Liberals taking their first step in renewal by putting off renewal for two years it seems as though the job of holding the Harper government to account has fallen to twitter.

Also, PMO hides its expenses, no biggie.


  1. The premis of your post is that "socialists" cannot hold a government to account. This is not an argument, just a statement of your prejudice. No wonder the Liberals are a dying party.

  2. 1) No it isn't.
    2) I'm not a member of the Liberal Party.

  3. Kirbycairo... I took Shiner's post more as a comment on the fact while the NDP and Liberals were busy navel gazing, there were things they could have criticized the government on. This didn't happen because of said navel gazing.

  4. Thank you sharon, I've added "busy" to the post to make that clearer.