Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Manning Strikes Again

Everyone remember this absurd poll put out last year?

Yeah, well, it's back. So is The Mop and Pail's pathetic coverage/pimping, including what will surely be a fascinating live chat with Preston Manning. We are all Conservatives now.

Update: Ugh, if you're a masochist read the G&M chat. Apparently Canadians are very accepting of tax increases and there seems to be a uniquely Canadian conservatism emerging... finallllllly.


  1. Preston Manning was a failure as a leader. He failed to achieve power and ultimately his party and to re-fold into the Progressive Conservative Party. This is just his desperate attempt to find meaning in his meaningless efforts. But Chretien sends him many thanks!

  2. Frankly I can't be so glib about it. Fact is that the CPC has the Liberals (or anyone who doesn't accept the liberal New Word) dead to rights on "intellectual" backing. Every other day there's a "study" or "poll" from CD Howe, the Fraser Institute, MacDonald-Laurier, or Manning. They're mostly crap, but journalism grads swallow the press-releases whole.

    We're a couple decades behind the States on this. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is the only policy group I can think of that offers any opposing point of view to these clowns and they rarely get any major coverage. Unfortunately building up this kind of capacity depends entirely on money and that's something that the Conservatives have a monopoly on.

  3. Manning is playing the "bait and switch" game. I do have to hand it to him, though. It is very similar to how Socrates defended himself when questioning his detractors. When Manning mentions "modest government in line with expectations," he really is trying to advance and embed his minarchist view. It is almost a self-fulfilling prophecy. You can tell later in that chat exchange where he mentions that government should solely present policy in individual terms. This is exactly the type of parochial and unserious approach to government that some Red Tories are attempting to avoid.

  4. Yep, he's an old pro. I am struck by the soft balls that Wicary(?) chose to lob at him. Surely there were questions that were a tad more serious then "don't you think taxes suck?"

  5. Out with Stats Can in with Manning's polls. Harper's vision in a nutshell.