Monday, June 13, 2011

Inspiring stuff...

Craig Oliver writes:

Two of the party's most impressive leaders laid it out best. Preston Manning and Jason Kenney set out their vision of "managerial Conservatism." Manning insisted Canadians were not interested in a government that is building monuments or seeking great visions.

What they are looking for, in his view, is practical, prudent, day-to-day management of problems and issues.

Presumably "monuments" doesn't include gazebos. Gets the blood flowing eh? Everyone together now: NO WE CAN'T!


  1. If all we need is "day-to-day management", then why bother with Parliament and Cabinet at all? Just leave the civil servants to do their job of actually running the country. Maybe the PM could get his job in the Imperial Oil mail room back.

  2. We are the steady (but unnervingly boring) folk of peace, order and good government. We were never ready for the vision and subsequent societal changes implemented by Pearson and Trudeau. Now, 40 years on, the torch and pitchfork constituency smells blood. We are a little people and we blow.

  3. Don't even need to be partisan about it. MacDonald, Abbott, Borden, Bennett, all had visions, very activist visions, for Canada. The country wouldn't exist if it wasn't for vision. We're not a product of some rational choice theory model.