Monday, March 28, 2011

The Two Campaigns

So we're into it now, and we can already see how it's going to be. Ignatieff's Liberals are going to try some good old-fashioned mass politics with big crowds, plenty of energy, and a focus on the headliner. Team Harper will approach the media with open scorn, stay firmly in friendly territory, and focus on the shadow campaign. While the Liberals try for headlines and media face time, the CPC is focused on specific voters listening for that one thing that will bring them onside. We've got fear mongering and citizenship issues with the new Canadian vote. Today he grabs a certain segment of the suburban vote with income-splitting (despite it being a non-policy, this is huge, there are more than a few people who have been wanting this for a long time).

There's nothing new here. Expect more easy-to-understand, headline grabbing, horrible policy from the CPC as we move on. Expect good policy with a limited audience from the Liberals.

Too early to call it obviously, but the Liberals had to do something specific to fight the CPC and all we're hearing right now is that their platform is middle-of-the-road and cheap, and even that will get ripped to shreds given that they're wrong-footed on the potential savings from CIT.

The only question for me now is whether I just stick with UK media for the rest of the election or keep watching, hoping against hope that the Liberals actually know what they're doing.


  1. Canadians will NEVER believe a politician will give them a tax break a few years in the future, when we can afford it. This amounts to a non-promise. And besides, the whole thing helped Ignatieff because he was able to point out that Harper has money to give corporations tax cuts now but nothing to help families now. This shows Ignatieff has got his political cap on and is going strong! Cheer up, they've made people soooooo underestimate Ignatieff that when he rocks this campaign we're going to do really well. Mark my words, Ignatieff is going to make this a close one ... if we all help.

  2. Well if you don't like the Liberal traditional campaigne of pretend "fake left" and "rule right", check out the NDP.

    I mean Ignatieff "taking on the Cons" means spending the 1st 3 days going to NDP held ridings - now that says it all there!

  3. Yes, it says don't vote NDP vote Liberal!

  4. Deleted Prairie Kid's comments and the responses to them. He's an idiot and I don't have time for anti-intellectual nonsense.

    Jan, I'm a conservative and a policy objectivist, good and exciting policy doesn't have to be left.

  5. Kid is sooo typical of Conservative supporters.

  6. Prairie Kid is probably a member of the CPofC warroom, so best to delete it's bullshit. Ridenrain and wilson as well. More blog owners should do the same.