Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thanks Doris!

In all seriousness, I wish Stockwell Day nothing but the best in his life after politics and thank him for his public service. I disagree with his politics, but everyone I know with any connection to government in Ottawa has a tremendous amount of respect for him. This includes every public servant I've ever spoken to who has worked in one of his departments. By all accounts, a capable and incredibly curteous boss. Big loss of talent in a very shallow pool.

EDIT: The above shouldn't be taken as agreement with anything he did while involved in provincial politics or his personal views, it's simply acknowledging that he was a capable administrator.


  1. Maybe that's why he's had such quiet, measured, tired & resigned sounding responses in QP lately: maybe he's finally become completely disgusted by how unscrupulous so many of his colleagues in the CPC are. Bravo for him.

  2. The rot in that party starts at the very top, and I expect many of Stock's colleagues feel the same way. The question is how much longer will they sit on their principles and continue to prop up what is arguably the most dishonest and unscrupulous PM we've ever had.

    Chuck Strahl is also leaving, as is John Cummins. I Know nothing of Cummins, but I have a grudging respect for Strahl, for many of the same reasons you mentioned - integrity, capability.

  3. Yeah, going to be interesting to see where this leads. My thoughts with Day were that, although he was apparently good at his job, it's not where his heart was, he had always been about the cultural issues and thats a train going no where. With Strahl and Cummins, who knows what to think. If I'm being optimistic, maybe they doubt the party's ability to win a majority... but I doubt that's what it is about.

  4. Before Xmas, a CTV page had speculated that Strahl would not be seeking re election, so that was actually not surprising. Didn't even know John Cummins.

    I do find the timing of the announcement of the exodus of all 3 of these MPs interesting--right before an election

  5. So why does a "capable administrator" plan to increase his dept's budget by 22% when they expects the rest of gov't to cut back?

  6. So why does a "capable administrator" plan to increase his dept's budget by 22% when they expects the rest of gov't to cut back?

    What kind of question is that? I don't even know where to begin...