Monday, February 28, 2011

Something to get Excited About

This is interesting.
(I can only see the first line of this, I seem to have misplaced by iPolitics password)

For the past couple weeks I've been asking myself what kind of policy could get people excited. We know how the Conservatives are playing the next election. They've greased the wheels with last week's Porkfest 2011. They're apparently loading up on "star" candidates. They'll beat the dumb-on-crime drum in the suburban ridings they desperately want. Oh! Attack ads too, lots of those.

So how do you counter them? Good policy. And democratic reform was one of the things I had in mind.

Maybe I'm being a tad optimistic about the possibility of good policy proposals exciting your average voter, but a guy can hope. Opening up QP to Canadians, reducing the size of the PMO, and an overhaul of Access to Information are all good ideas. The most exciting thing about this is that they're actually thinking about it. Having concrete proposals for imporiving the Canadian democratic process will be handy if they're going to frame this as an attack on "Harper's Ottawa".

Another policy I had in mind? At least floating the idea of a PR electoral system. I know that's a heck of a fight, but it's certainly exciting. Some might ask what self-professed conservative would be in favour of PR. Up until recently I was a Majoritarian fan boy, but I've come to the conclusion that, given the fact we have 4 parties in the HoC and none show any sign of going anywhere, the jig is up. The system just doesn't operate well with 3 parties, let alone 4. Time for a change, or at least a discussion.

So here's hoping the best is to come from the Liberal policy book.

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