Friday, February 11, 2011

The Canadian Disease

Helpfully defined by Hugh Segal:

Segal predicts that there will be opposition to his proposal. He writes that while Canadians share certain strengths of decency, compassion, moderation and tolerance, some are also struck with something he calls the "Canadian Disease . . . a weakness that combines wishful thinking, nostalgia and confusion.

The kicker is that it appears in a "book" about the "history" of Canadian "conservatives". According to Segal it's our small mindedness that keeps us from realizing true progress and forming a union with the United States and Mexico. Why would we do such a thing?

If sovereignty is an instrument to be used to expand freedom and opportunity, then surely the use by us of our own sovereignty to build a North American Community must also be seen as an attempt to create a larger society that reflects our values and priorities

Got that? We must use our sovereignty to expand our freedom and opportunity by getting rid of our sovereignty. Our first Prime Minister must be so proud.

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  1. I see Segal's CPC-reprogramming is nearly complete. Does he still refer to himself as a Red Tory? If so it's as big a f*&%ing joke as Harper claiming he's a fiscal conservative.