Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Place yer bets!

Hi. It's me, Shiner. Been a bit since I last posted. Who knew that pubs with open fires, real ale, free world class museums, and good company could be more enjoyable than paying attention to Canadian politics.

Nonetheless, this stadium thing has me pacing my tiny cell in Southwark and periodically frightening my suite mates with outbursts of profanity. I'm not the only one who is angry though.

Well, okay, maybe "angry" isn't the right word for how the folks at the National Post are feeling. Their laughable headline says it all:

Build it and... we won't be happy

Right. Stop it this minute or I'm turning this car around!!! I'm sure they'll get a bit more heated if this rumour (via BCL/Bourque) turns out to be true. I imagine we'll get something like

We're really serious this time Mr. Prime Minister. We're not happy... in fact we're verging on mildly displeased

How I can wait... however many months... to find out who the NP is going to endorse in the next federal election, I don't know. More beer reviews I suspect.

Reason to take comfort though, Canada's NEW! Globe and Mail dutifully reports that the money the government will be using is unspent. Well whew!

Meanwhile, over here, the silly Brits are having debates about banking reform and the financing of higher education. Thank God I'm from a more serious country.

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