Friday, December 17, 2010

About Time

Finally we might see an end to the political deadzone Canada is in. Iggy is talking about bringing the government down.

I have no idea how the next election will play itself out, but I've said for awhile that the Liberals simply can't hope for a wild swing in the polls without having one. They know exactly how the CPC will run a campaign, they know exactly what issues they'll want to talk about, they know exactly what they'll be saying about Ignatieff. One would hope that, given this knowledge, the braintrust at Liberal HQ could come up with a way to counter it, that they have some sort of plan that doesn't involve stepping on rake after rake. That might be too optimistic, but surely they have some strategy if Iggy is threatening to bring the government down. We can hope.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Love CBC

Far n' Wide posted this and thought I'd share. Call me paranoid, but I think Canadian public broadcasting is in trouble, and will be facing tough times if the CPC manages to form another government after the next election.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Meanwhile, in London...

While Ottawa discusses the musical "talent" of the boss man (a talent which will undoubtedly register as a push into majority territory in next week's polls), protesters in another capital clashed with police, causing several injuries on both sides, and actually getting a couple kicks at a car carrying Prince Charles.

The LSE campus is buzzing with a new student protest movement. Pictures from The LSE's hayday marches down Fleet Street are plastered around campus. The Student Union is bubbling with excitement, I get a couple e-mails and facebook messages a day telling me about the next sit-in or march. I'd be surprised if this, the most serious confrontation yet, fizzles out. Even though the Conservatives managed to keep enough members in line today (not without a few surprising dissenters) , the student leadership seems to have a bit of momentum. Right now it's a matter of watching and waiting to see how hard authorities come down on them.

That aside, there's something positive to take from this. I'm not particularly interested in this battle. I think the education reforms are quite reasonable here, especially at my school. But it is good to see some life from students. Outside of Quebec, Canada's universities are depressingly lacking any serious student debate, and students certainly don't exert any influence outside their campuses. Canada's horrible apathy is as evident at our institutions of higher learning as everywhere else in the Great White North. Today in London, however, we witnessed students take a real stand and have a serious impact on politics, if not policy.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Homesick Sunday

'Tis the season, or at least the lights hanging around Oxford Street would suggest so. Unsurprisingly I'm getting a bit homesick for Canada. Doesn't help matters that I spent most of the week doing some federalism work that led me to the CBC archives and their clips from our nutty nation's bizarre contemporary history. When I get feelin' this way, there's only one thing to be done, load up some good Canadian folk music and imagine I'm back at a pub in Ottawa.

Here's Bye Bye Montreal from Newfoundland's Amelia Curran. If you have any favourite Canadian acts (folk or otherwise) you think I should look up, please let me know.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fantino's Hitler Theory

Tory Taber gets all soft and cuddly with Fantino, who takes the high road by comparing the Liberal leadership to Hitler. Un-f'ing-believable.