Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fantino's Hitler Theory

Tory Taber gets all soft and cuddly with Fantino, who takes the high road by comparing the Liberal leadership to Hitler. Un-f'ing-believable.


  1. She included his quotes how is that JT fault?

    BTW I am not praising anything related to JT's column or contribution to QP.

    If TStar reprints his quotes are they at fault too?

  2. Oh my!
    Didn't his handlers teach him that in any debate, as soon as you bring Hitler's name up lose.

  3. Figures CS is here to spoil this blog now too.

    Yo Shiner ... CanadianSense=spam

  4. I've deleted its comments before. I'll leave this one because it's fair... though off base.

    Taber is the "master" of leading headlines and the well-placed quotation. The Globe and Mail, or any other leading outlet, shouldn't function as a place to post press releases. She's a supposed journalist, if someone says something stupid or just makes crap up it's her job to call them on it.

    Not to mention the howler start to the column:
    "For 30 days Julian Fantino held his tongue, campaigning as the Conservative candidate in the suburban Toronto riding of Vaughan, surviving on pizza and trying to ignore the Liberal attacks.

    He had vowed to take the high road during his campaign – and he did."

  5. Its "comment" actually, I think there was only one before... if I'm not confusing it with Fred from BC or something.

  6. Fred from BC is a buffoon, however he can at least can stay on topic.

  7. About Taber; a 'supposed journalist' is a generous description. She has my vote for Canada's Worst Political Journalist. A trashy gossip column in some 2-bit paper would be a more appropriate venue for her writing.

  8. Thanx for highlighting Tabers NO content credo. TABER continues to demonstrate and confirm that she is indeed a LIGHT-WEIGHT !!!