Friday, December 17, 2010

About Time

Finally we might see an end to the political deadzone Canada is in. Iggy is talking about bringing the government down.

I have no idea how the next election will play itself out, but I've said for awhile that the Liberals simply can't hope for a wild swing in the polls without having one. They know exactly how the CPC will run a campaign, they know exactly what issues they'll want to talk about, they know exactly what they'll be saying about Ignatieff. One would hope that, given this knowledge, the braintrust at Liberal HQ could come up with a way to counter it, that they have some sort of plan that doesn't involve stepping on rake after rake. That might be too optimistic, but surely they have some strategy if Iggy is threatening to bring the government down. We can hope.


  1. I'd play a loop of the PM saying in 2008 that "if we were going to have a recession, we would have had it by now" and Flaherty in early 2009 saying that "nobody saw the crisis coming".......that's a start!

  2. Yeah, 7:42 Anon? I'd also play a loop of Ignatieff backing down from election mongering (as he will again), because Lord knows that there is enough footage of that. :)

  3. Don't fool yourself; Ignatieff opposing anything rather than supporting the Tories or abstaining again isn't based of strength, but from Layton being in an even weaker position than he is. Either way, the PM gets to keep governing.

  4. Ignatieff has had all sorts of bizarre quips through the years. We all know of his support for the Iraq war and torture etc. but there are many more.

    After the Que. referendum he suggested that Canada cannot compromise.There are many other nuggets to choose.

    Bottom line;
    It is not clear whether he is bluffing this time like he has done in the past. He voted to end the session for the winter and then immediately afterwards says Canadians want an election.Sure.

    If the tories want to avoid an election then they'll find a way to get the NDP or BQ to support the budget.

  5. "If the tories want to avoid an election then they'll find a way to get the NDP or BQ to support the budget."

    What? Working with the socialists and/or the separatists? That would be just dandy!