Sunday, November 28, 2010


Frankly i'm not sure what to think about the latest WikiLeaks document drop. You place yourself in a bit of a difficult position when you take a stand against people knowing... stuff.

In a perfect world all governments would be completely transparent. Wouldn't have a need for things like intelligence agencies and secret diplomacy. But here we are and secrets and information matter. The first story that struck me from the release was about Chinese hacking. Whose interests are served by everyone finding out what the United States knows about Chinese intelligence efforts? It's possibly, maybe likely, that the Chinese already knew all of this stuff, but what if they didn't? What if this kind of release provides the piece of the puzzle that identifies some human asset in Beijing?

How does knowing that certain leaders in the Middle East were/are pushing for the bombing of Iran help anyone? Is there any way that ends well for the region?

Same goes for all the diplomatic "locker-room" chat, as the American Ambassador put it. Is anyone really looking forward to the release on Thursday when, much to the delight of certain media in Canada, we all get to read about how little American diplomats think of us?

In theory something like WikiLeaks is a great sounding idea. Certain things, like much of the Iraq stuff, should be made public. This latest drop though, strikes me as a shot in a personal crusade by Assange against the US. There will probably be some information in there that needs to be made public, but for the most part I think State is about right, this is going to put quite a few lives in danger.

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