Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday, Monday

Quite sure I've never seen such a depressing set of Canadian headlines in my life.

Ontario voters would turf McGuinty: poll
Alberta safe for Tories to ignore
Government to CBC: Be open, comply with law
200,000 sign petition calling for Jean Charest’s resignation
Michael Ignatieff faces daunting 'enthusiasm gap'
Is Canadian democracy in real danger?
Kinsella: Liberal rumour
Fantino the man to beat in the vote the country is watching
Taber: By-election nastiness makes it to the House of Commons
Canadians tune out destructive politics
Bob Rae zips from dove to hawk
AECL up for auction but West’s industries protected
Defence department critics win booby prize

I'm not sure whether I should take solace in the fact that most Canadians don't care.

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