Thursday, November 25, 2010

Danny Williams

How interesting is it that the Globe throws in a bit of federal speculation into its report on Danny Williams' exit?

Tradition seems to last a bit longer out east and Williams is a pretty good example of it. He is a real conservative. A nationalist most definitely, though a Newfoundlander, not a Canadian nationalist. Yet the bit in the end about "nation building" certainly made me sit up a bit. The post Harper CPC looks more interesting by the week.


  1. Wouldn't matter which party Williams would lead; he couldn't get one seat in Quebec. He doesn't speak one word of French and more importantly, he's screwed over Quebec more than once.

  2. As Danny says, "Nothing could be further from the truth!"

    He speaks several words of French

  3. At the moment with Conservative in the gutter in Quebec the party can only win half a dozen seats or so and that could easily be made up in Newfoundland and Labrador as well as the rest of Atlantic Canada. The west will obviously vote Conservative and a more moderate conservative could do better in Ontario.

    Doesn't matter though because he won't run.

  4. Doesn't matter though because he won't run.

    I can't say one way or the other, but why do you say that? Health?

  5. ck said... "he's screwed over Quebec more than once."

    In Danny's, and the Rock's defense; Newfoundland has been screwed over by Quebec over several decades now.

    BTW - though I do not think it will happen (too many bridges burned via the ABC campaign) should Williams ever run for the CPC leadership ...I'm behind him 110%.