Monday, September 20, 2010

Conservative "Thought"

Now, David Warren is, objectively speaking, a very stupid man. For that reason, I'll rarely comment on one of his brain farts. But he wrote something this weekend that I just had to share:

They (Shiner: Thatcher, Reagan) knew that bureaucracy is an evil; but accepted it as a necessary evil, susceptible to reform and occasional "downsizing." We need to take one step farther, and grasp that it is an unnecessary evil -- that any human activity which requires a cumbersome bureaucracy is itself morally dubious; that anything which reduces the human being to a "unit" for bureaucratic purposes is in its nature inhuman.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure the activities he's talking about are war and justice. Am I close? If anyone can decode the above nonsense, please share.


  1. Mr. Warren is so far gone that I think most of the time he is entirely incoherent and certainly has no powers of reason whatsoever. The above quote is a great example. Anytime you get more than one person together on something you have the creation of some form of bureaucracy. The very act of organization implies some form of bureaucracy. And certainly the infrastructure that prints and distributes his articles is rife with bureaucracy. Mr. Warren's is an incoherent and most likely disingenuous position. Like US radio shock-jocks who like to call Obama a Marxists, Warren probably doesn't even believe half the things he says but it gets him attention.

    By the way, the very fact that Warren has a nationally distributed newspaper column is all the proof I need that there is no omnipotent, intelligent force in the Universe.

  2. OK I'll state the obvious. Warren is suggesting all organizations are bureaucracies and must be dismantled to protect personal liberties. Problem being our legal and police bodies that keep the peace are huge organizations and therefore evil bureaucracies using Warren's definition. Warren is advocating some libertarian Utopia-land of anarchy ...yes I think cuckoo would be the appropriate word here.

  3. What he's talking about is a pastoral fantasy, in which the urban, provincial, and national are dismantled and replaced by a society of small towns and independent yeomen. In essence, he's declaring modernity to be a colossal mistake.

  4. Thanks to all of you. I assumed the same things, but thought that couldn't possibly be it. Warren is pro-war, pro-prison, pro-monarchy, and was very vocal during his conversion to the Catholic Church, surely one of the oldest bureaucracies on the planet.