Saturday, September 4, 2010

8 Long Years

Something caught my eye this morning. Here's the story. To be completely honest, it caught my girlfriend's eye. My reaction was "So what?" and she said "Well, I just think it's interesting. Everytime you hear about soldiers dying over there you hear that they have young children. Guess their children aren't so young anymore."

It's true. The children of soldiers who were deployed in 2002 are now eight years older. A 9 or 10 year old, not even in highschool when the Twin Towers came down, is now heading to university. To put it another way, the children of the younger members of our military are just about ready to join dad or mom in Afghanistan.

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  1. I think there is something to be said on how certain events can have demographic ramifications. Demographers have often pointed to 9/11 as an integral moment in affecting the cohorts that will age in society. I have alway been interested in the effect this would have, especially since it can manifest on a societal scale.

    Going back to 9/11, demographers floated the idea that such an event was so profound that it may have affected the ideological and psychological dimensions of the generations that will reach adulthood in the coming years. One such concept was proposed that 9/11 may have shifted such sensibilities in younger cohorts to be more amenable to neoconservative points of view. Admittedly, I cannot drum up evidence, so I merely treat it as an assertion.

    However, the resultant policies and their effects on certain sections of society are now manifesting, and I wonder if those within each cohort who are affected more proximally to these events will either become silent or become a primary or catalytic force in moving public perception and political will. Post 2000 birth cohort is rumoured to be a repeat of the silent generation, so it will be rather interesting to see what happens when they move through the age structure of the population.

    My inkling suggest that such people you describe will certainly have a strong sense of a worldview, yet they will only to be plucked for convenience by political elites who feign empathy when in reality, have not felt the full brunt of these events (Republican Chickenhawks seem to come to mind).