Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Real Prisons for Imaginary Criminals

Okay, so let's give Minister Day the benefit of the doubt on unreported crimes. Let's go with this idea that Canadians are just tired of reporting things like, uh, murder.

Now how does it follow that the solution to this problem is more prisons? How do you put someone who has committed an unreported crime behind bars?

Or, a better question, are these seriously the guys running the country?


  1. The irony, not lost on THIS conservative, is using questionable statistics to support a questionable social policy change.

    Firstly, what's an "unreported crime"? Seems to me that, firstly, a crime is only "committed" when there is a conviction.

    But who is this lawyer to quibble with the concept of "guilty before charged".

    But, secondly, assuming that crime is increasing (which it isn't), where is the support for the suggestion that manditory minimums will decrease criminal activity.

    Our conservatives are replacing one boondoggle (gun control) with another.

    Color me unimpressed all the way around.

  2. ...are these seriously the guys running the country?

    Yes and no. They are running the country, but they're not doing it seriously.

  3. Sir Francis, I think this is about as serious as they get.

    Rob, the kicked for me is the bizarre knots they tie themselves in with very little prompting. Consider the census issue. Say you don't like the census. Why make nonsense up about accuracy and the nature of the questions?

    On mandatory minimums, I'd bet the majority of the population is in favour of them. Why not just repeat "do the crime, do the time" over and over? Why get into this unreported crimes stuff?

  4. Color me very pissed off:


  5. I'll bet there are very good unstated reasons for Doris's remarks, derived impeccably from unself-evident axioms by graduates without degrees working for an unelected government.

    Of course, I've said all this before in unposted comments.

  6. I, due to be embroiled in more research, cannot really give more insight to what was already said. I think it is safe to say that when faced with "The Summer of Impulsive Imbroglios," the CPC may decide to unearth more of their PR strategy that smeared Martin. This will play up well to the ideological sensitivities of the base while you will have what I like to call the double barrel shotgun approach of CPC PR communication: Excite ideological populism, reinforced with a series of demonizing false equivalences (with a sprinkle of historical revisionism and a dash of Tu quoques ) against the opposition. I would suspect this will be a fervent attempt to reverse some of frustration felt in certain conservative constituencies.

    If you want to good discussion, I will once again defer my analytical abilities to Sir Francis and his exchange on Wherry's last entry before his fishing expedition. The only thing that is on my mind now is life history of Fungi, and I am at a loss to dovetail such knowledge into these events (thought I could come up with some pithy puns, no?)

  7. * if you want a good discussion (curse you sleep deprivation)