Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Next Level: Harper Takes on the CRTC

All I can do is echo impolitical's thoughts on the matter.

You can't put too fine a point on it. If Martin's reporting is correct, the Prime Minister is looking to establish a must-carry network dedicated to the Conservative Party of Canada. I'm at a loss. "Disturbing" doesn't begin to describe it.


  1. Not only will Harper get away with this, as he has gotten aways with everything else, future governments now have the perfect precedent to point to for political interference. The question is "how will Conservatives feel when it is Liberals doing the interference?"

  2. Shiner, I should have posted something on your blog much earlier ...nice place you've got here.

    kirbycairo got it. The Reformatories are too dense to see it, even when the question is asked directly to their faces (and I know as I have done so) "how will Conservatives feel when it is Liberals doing the interference?"

    They don't see in this race to the bottom that they are legitimizing a future Liberal government (or to really horrify them, say a Lib+NDP coalition) employing every trick in the Harper book ...and then some just to continue the general trend into the political gutter.

    How would they feel in that situation?

    They usually change the subject quickly, probably because that hits close to home.

  3. Welcome KW!

    Likewise, it's amazing that "the Liberals did it too" is still the standard fall back. It's certainly nothing new to politics, but The New Conservative Government was supposed to be different. I mean this was an entire movement supposedly based on principle. Nonetheless, the disciples have completely abandoned everything the New Conservative Party was supposed to stand for. How these people, anti-Liberal above all else, can say "the Liberals did it too!" with a straight face continues to amaze me.

  4. Ah yes, the infamous "but the Liberals did it too" defense ...akin to your 5-year old defending their actions with "but Jamie hit me first".

    Again that just shows how laughably dim-witted the Reformatories have become. That 'defense' is in fact an admission that their party is now precisely everything they once despised ...they have become dirty Liberals.