Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mario Laguë

This morning I walked by a traffic accident on my way to work. I, like my neighbours, stopped a second to see what happened. It was a particularly bad one, as motorcycle accidents so often are. I noted the black SUV that seemed a rather odd addition to the group of responders on site. Thought nothing more of it and went on my way, making a mental note to call my girlfriend to see if she saw it. I had forgotten all about it by the time I got to my desk. I was going to say it's strange how these brushes with events leave you more touched when the headline hits, but it's not strange at all.

From all the accounts I've seen, Mr. Laguë was a good man, well-liked in this town. It's a shame that this is the closest I know that I have ever come to him. Thoughts and prayers with his family.


  1. Thank you for writting this. It makes me feel like I was there...

    Mario is my cousin... I found out about his death on twitter! His sister didn't even know that he died before it was on tv and the net!

    We live in a strange world.

    Annie-Claude Laguë

  2. Thanks for posting Annie. The best to your family.

  3. RIP Mr. Lague, I'm so sorry for his family.

    And Ms. Geurgis is resting at home after being in an auto accident. She is 5 months pregnant. It is days like today that make being partisan a turn-off.

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