Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Advice

1) If you've never seen Great Big Sea live, you're missing out. Friday's Bluesfest performance was brilliant.

2) Go see Inception, great movie.

3) Singapore Noodles is the best value item on your local Chinese food menu.


  1. I know, it is one thing that I should do eventually is to go see Great Big Sea. But, who was playing tonight? The parkway was closed due to crazy amounts of traffic.

    Singapore Noodles? Where in Chinatown did you go? I actually went to May's Garden (corner of Somerset and Preston). It seems to be the place where actual Chinese people go. It was a suggestion by a professor who taught mandarin, and she would take her class there.

  2. I believe it was Weezer. I had no idea they were still popular, but everyone I know seemed to want to go see them.

    Yeah, otherwise known as Singapore Vermicelli. I'm pretty sure it's a thoroughly North American dish, but still my go-to. I picked it up from a place in Orleans actually, where it's on every menu.