Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dance Iggy, Dance

Canada needs an election. The federal political scene is stuck in a horrible limbo. At a time when Canada, with all our current wealth and health, should be planning for the future, setting ourselves up to be world leaders in every field, we're governed by bumpkins whose sole goal is to make future government in Canada ineffectual and impossible to afford, while methodically chipping away at our institutions and long-standing policy.

It's not like the chances haven't existed to topple the clowns at the right hand. Yet every opportunity passes by, with the Opposition's ass waving in the air, its head stuck firmly below ground. They're terrified. The golden moment is always just over the horizon. Something's gotta catch. Nothing does. A shockingly apathetic public refuses to pay any attention to serious issues, dismissing them as 'just politics'. A bored and cynical press loses interest in stories quickly and nothing gains traction. All the while the CPC rakes in the loonies, with the PMO going as far as acquiring its own news chanel.

And so another opportunity presents itself. The CPC, so confident in the timidity of the Opposition, laughably threaten an election over privitization of overseas mail delivery, neutering environmental assessments, and selling off the once world-leading AECL. A dare. And the Liberals will cave. It seems they already have given all this silly talk about making a "very important statement".

So back to the waiting game. The bill goes through, the Upper House clears out, and we can all look forward to it all starting up again in a few months time, and Iggy can go out and barbeque a few burgers while nobody pays any attention.

It needs to stop now. Our government is starved of oxygen. We need an election to break the stalemate. I'm not suggesting the Liberals would win a government (though I, perhaps foolishly, continue to believe a campaigning Ignatieff would be a different animal), but anything is better than this. I think a Harper majority would be horrible for the country, but I'm also a firm believer that "Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard". If this is really the type of government the people of Canada want, they can have it, enough with this slow death. Nothing would make me happier than to see Iggy pick up the gauntlet and smash it over Finley's monstrous, miserable skull.


  1. A bored and cynical press loses interest in stories quickly…

    For instance, it didn’t take long for the media to get tired of asking Stephen Harper what he meant by the “financial considerations” given to a dying Chuck Cadman. Who cares that our prime minister may have broken the law? Let’s decry the G20 vandals who broke a few windows instead.

    I think a Harper majority would be horrible for the country…

    A Harper majority would be good for the country. First of all, Harper’s had a de facto majority anyway, in default of an effective and confident Opposition.

    Secondly, his minority position has given him and his poltroon platoon the hints of humility, prudence and discipline that a majority would completely strip away. A majority Harper government would be far uglier, more arrogant and more vindictive than the merely obnoxious swamp thing that governs us now.

    A Harperoid majority would carry the promise of guaranteed self-destruction after a miserable four years. Harperoid minorities, with their mind-numbing but nearly imperceptible incrementalism, could go on for another decade.

  2. A Harper majority would be good for the country.

    I believe it, at least in the long term. My only concern is for what we might lose that would never be back, the CBC immediately springs to mind. I don't think I'm the only one that believes Harper just wants that one majority.