Monday, June 28, 2010

Queen and Spadina

It's funny, last night I was watching the season 5 premier of the BBC spy thriller Spooks. The two first episodes are about a plot by MI6 and an oil tycoon to take over government. Their final act is to wreak havok in a peaceful protest by splintering off sections of the group until the smaller factions are overcome by nervousness, hunger, cold, and then provoke them into doing something stupid.

Then I read this just now.

I'm a conservative. I have little in common with most of the folks protesting in Toronto the past couple days. Yet I found the action of the security forces more than a little disturbing. More disturbing is the reaction in the media this morning (and among acquaintances on Facebook) that those dirty hippies deserved it, or that classic line of "maybe they should go try that in Iran/Iraq/China/Afghanistan, etc."

I doubt this will provoke much outrage beyond the usual places. We won't see a lasting cry from the media. The politicians will get in line, not wanting to be associated with the juvenile black clad thugs, or those strategically placed and abandoned police cruisers.

Nonetheless, the image of Queen and Spadina is burned into my mind.

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