Monday, June 28, 2010

Kinsella on G20

A great post from Warren Kinsella on the events. My thoughts exactly on why people should be angry and what Harper was thinking with the location (screw Toronto).


  1. Great post from Kinsella, but where's Ignatieff's statement?

  2. It's funny, on Saturday Mansbridge was talking with Evan Solomon who was giving all the politician's talking points. He said the Liberal spokesperson said that the LPC "does not comment on events as they unfold". Mansbridge was rightfully incredulous at the stupidity of the statement. They're waiting to find out what side they should come out on, if any.

  3. What I sense with this is envy.

    Envy and anger because it is not his guy getting the world press.

    Thousands of protesters, hundreds wanted violence and not one of them was seriously hurt or killed.

    The police deserve praise.They won't get it from the Libs.

    As other posters have already noticed. Iggy was absent. He went to the UK.

  4. Yeah, that must be it, envy.

    Christ you people are dumb.

  5. Was it dumb to suggest that Harper insulted all catholics at a state funeral for not eating a wafer?

    Was it dumb to suggest when a nurse ordered too many body bags that it was racism?

    Was it dumb to blame the Fedaral gov't because your kids catch a cold?

    Is it dumb to support a party when you accuse its leader of "breathtaking arrogance" etc.?

    Read what he wrote. He genuinely believes that the PM hates Toronto even though the PM was raised there.

    He accuses other people of hatred.

    His side lost an election and it tears him apart.

  6. Perhaps you should read his post so I don't have to read shit you're just making up.

    True or not, he doesn't say anything about the PM or any Conservatives hating Toronto. Like I said, dumb.

  7. This really shouldnt be a left/right issue.
    Is there another city big enough in Canada to hold a summit with 18,000 visitors? Bob Fife on CFRA this morning said Toronto was the only city capable of holding the G20, yes Vancouver held more people but it was spread out over 100kms. What most people from Toronto are saying is that they wanted some other city to be disadvantaged instead of theirs, but, I'm pretty sure if this was held in Montreal the fine people from Montreal would be saying that this is proof Harper hates Quebec, and so it goes. It seems to be very Canadian lately to say that if somethings are hard then we shouldnt bother..and thats very sad.

  8. If I may chime in:

    The City originally asked for the meeting to be held in the Exhibition grounds as opposed to downtown as that would have been more cost effective and easily to manage, since what we saw was entirely predictable. For some reason, that suggestion was denied. The precise point that Torontonians are making is not that they were hoping another city to take the damage, but to use a location where it would be more sensible from a security standpoint. This is not another constructed case of "Toronto being the center of the universe." With the number of roads, density of infrastructure, and commercial properties, selecting downtown Toronto made this volatile situation an inevitability much in the same way the G20 London summit resulted in similar violence and a case where one man was killed.

    Even despite the warnings from other summits, the federal government still continued with insisting that one of the largest urban centers to be turned into a shell that would inevitably invite the so called anarchists. The embarrassment arises from the images that this event produced for which international media will plaster all over their front pages. It is bad enough that earlier this year, international media were harping on the productions and organizing of the Vancouver 2010 games. I am sure this will not better our image.

    I don't think WK is off on his assessment. There is a palpable love hate relationship with Toronto, and for those who will always hate it for whatever odd reason will point to these images and immediately use them to confirm how much they loathe Toronto. Thus, it is an empty gesture for Harper to say that he wanted to showcase Toronto to the world, which is odd considering many of great establishments are located downtown.

    I suppose he was using the financial district as symbolic leverage, since he was able to avoid the bank tax and get these putative deficit targets. However, I don't think being near Canada's financial district was really going to give that much mileage. The G nations were already listening attentively to Canada due to our relative out-performance.

    As a final note, remember how embarrassing it was for Chr├ętien in Quebec (as city of roughly half a million)? Well, following that debacle, he held the G8 summit in Kananaskis, which resulted in a much less tense situation.