Monday, April 26, 2010

The Ironing is Delicious

EKOS is a very respected pollster. I work for one of their competitors, but we all recognize their polling abilities, especially when it comes to election polling. So this crusade that the Tories have undertaken against Frank Graves is a bit bizarre to all of us in the market research world.

Let's set aside the irony of Tory windbag and paid hack Kory Teneycke whining about someone else being biased. Let's also set aside the absurdity of the outrage coming from Canwest papers and Sun Media, shocked to hear that the CBC might use the services of a pollster who has (or has not) done work for the Liberals. Bias in the news media, well they never!

While most everyone is focusing on whether Graves actually ever spoke with the Liberal Party or not, few seem to be pointing out the hilarity of the CPC getting offended that someone might be playing wedge politics. Nasty of them Liberals, using CPC strategy against them.


  1. What, not a Simpsons fan dn? Give me a little credit.