Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Night Beer: Half Pints Pothole Porter

Sorry for the missed beer posts, busy month, but things are starting to settle down.

Pothole Porter
Half Pints Brewing Company
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Baltic Porter

Friend grabs me Half Pint brews whenever he's coming out to Ottawa, or our paths are going to cross. Half Pints is a great brewery, if you're in Manitoba make sure you give them a try. I'm pretty sure they have a rep in Ontario too and there have been some consignment orders. This time I got a Pothole Porter. Baltic Porter is akin to an Imperial Stout; big, boozy, roasty.

Pours near-black with read highlights all around the glass. Couple finger thick mocha head settles pretty quickly. Spotty lacings.

Alot of fruity alcohol on the nose, tones down the roasted coffee a bit. Burnt bread when you dig a bit deeper, almost coal like.

This has an interesting malt profile. Lots of fruit to it, dark fruit but hard to nail down. Bit of a cherry taste to it, maybe black currant. Bittersweet chocolate kicks in soon enough, giving the impression of chocolate covered cherries. Roasted coffee flavour is a bit hit and miss, it's fleeting. Nicely integrated alcohol throughout.

This is a well made porter. Strength is well controlled. Flavours mix nicely. Gives you a bit more than run-of-the-mill coffee bitterness.

To be completely honest, I'm not a huge stout/porter fan, I find they all sorta taste the same, you're just dealing with different degrees of coffee/chocolate. Nonetheless, this is a good one.

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