Sunday, March 14, 2010

We are aware of all Parliamentary traditions...

Mr. Macdonald is shocked (SHOCKED!) at the horrible behaviour of those meanie-heads in the opposition:

But neither is there any justification for the outrage of Prince Edward Island Liberal Wayne Easter, who yields to no other member when it comes to rhetorical excess and phony outrage. Exceptionally, Easter was allowed two questions out of sequence, both of which he used to attack Guergis and call for her resignation for calling P.E.I. "a hellhole, or worse." Except that, as Transport Minister John Baird pointed out, she has "sincerely apologized", and in the traditions of the House, the matter ends there.

First of all, why the heck shouldn't a PEI MP be pissed off that a federal cabinet minister holds his province in such low regard?

To the issue of Parliamentary traditions, is it really true that once a MP apologizes, that's the end of the story and the House is no longer supposed to talk about it? Really? For one, I don't know why Baird knows this, when was the last time he apologized for anything? Secondly, who the hell are the Conservatives to lecture anyone about Westminster traditions? Thirdly, if it really is a tradition in the House, it's a stupid one, especially since apologies no longer mean squat and nobody pays attention to the House anyway.

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