Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Healthcare for the Rich

I don't usually comment on articles in The Sun because it's not a real paper. I'll break that rule here because Lorrie Goldstein's article today is a wonderful example of the stupidity of the anti-public healthcare arguments being made with regards to Danny Williams' heart surgery.

The argument is very simple and goes like this: all Canadians should have the right to do what Danny Williams' did in their own country and private insurance is the way to accomplish that.

It's incredibly dumb. What, friends, do you think the chances are of an American with an average insurance plan, getting shipped off to see a specific specialist in Miami who performs a cutting edge and experimental heart surgery? Hm? Do you suppose that Blue Shield regularly sends gas station attendants in Fargo to Mount Sinai for more expensive, and medically unnecessary, surgery? The fact is that had Canada "enjoyed" the benefits of a private insurance system this case would have played out no differently. The rich get whatever health service they want, and, if they're paying for it, I don't begrudge them that. But let's not pretend that Americans are being jetted off for cosmetic surgery in the world's finest hospitals by their insurers.

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