Thursday, February 25, 2010

Has Mad Max Gone Rogue?

First, let me just say that Bernier should embrace the name "Mad Max". The perfect nickname for a CPC leadership contender.

Now, frankly I don't know what to think about Bernier's latest musings on global warming. There are two possibilities. One, Silver is right and Bernier really has gone rogue and is setting himself up for a leadership run as the candidate for the sociopathic grassroots of the Conservative Party. Imagine that, a Quebecer running as a crazy Albertan!

The second possibility is that Bernier's recent sorties into the realm of American conservatism have the full blessings of He Who Shall Not be Named. Is Harper floating trial balloons to see just where the public is at? Is he hoping the silly populism of the tea-baggers has drifted north? I'm leaning towards this possibility. The complete silence from the PMO on this is deafening. I understand they can't come out on either side of the issue for risk of alienating their base or, well, Canadians, but surely they have something they could say to pop Bernier.

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