Monday, February 15, 2010

The Art of Olympic Broadcasting

Zalkovich is right on.

One of the best things about Olympic watching is the sense of constant action and getting an appreciation for the size of the Games. Unfortunately, with CTV, you just spend most of the time waiting for something to start. In years past I could just switch it to CBC and melt into my couch. This year I'm flipping between CTV, TSN, Sportsnet, and NBC for worry that I'm missing something. The good news, I guess, is that there are plenty of CTV promos that give me a chance to change the channel. Did anyone else wait, like, four hours to see Williams' interview with Katrina Groves?


  1. I missed the men's moguls last night because this channel flipping insanity. According to the info button, moguls would be on SportsNet, so I stayed tuned. Wound up watching a lot of figure skating and only got high-lights AFTER we won the gold. How was something so pivotal missed? Why was I unable to watch it live?

    3 days in and I rate the CTV-TSN-Sportsnet broadcast team-up and epic fail.

  2. The reviews are universally negative.

    I'm now watching the Difference Makers thing on Bilodeau and his brother for the 20th time, and that's only a bit of an exageration, they show it at least twice during each Olympic segment (AM, daytime, primetime), followed by a rerun of the last few moguls runs, and then a mashup with that horrible theme song.

    Also, anyone know where I can watch the medal ceremonies? Looks like Vancouver did a great job putting them in BC Place, but I can't seem to find video of it anywhere.

  3. Shiner,

    if you do not mind the American coverage (I know, I know), there is always

  4. Thanks jkg, though I don't see the medal ceremonies there. I do, however, see that the new season of Amazing Race has started... nice timing CBS, idiots.