Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Liberals Talk Policy

The replacement of much of Ignatieff's inner circle prompted much sneering from the Conbots a couple months back. Donolo was dismissed as tired, old, and tarnished by the Chretien years.

I think, however, that we're starting to see some dividends from the house cleaning. While the focus has been on Harper since he locked the doors, the performance of the Liberals has been noteworthy... if only because they haven't stepped in it. We haven't seen any gaffe's out of the office of the OLO. More interesting, we're starting to see real policy come out.

First it was the suggested prorogation bill. While it wasn't popular with the left, it certainly helped put some space between Ignatieff and Harper. Now we have three solid proposals regarding job creation:

Cash advance for some manufacturers
Youth employment boost
Tax incentives for entrepreneurs

Not particularly exciting stuff, and I wouldn't be shocked to see the CPC pick it up for the next Speech from the Throne, but we're finally getting some meat out of the opposition. More importantly, it shows that the Liberals are at work while the government tweets from California and gets caught making stupid statements about the House in every small town paper in the country.

I think we'll continue hearing these bits and pieces of policy come out up to the "thinker's conference" in March when an overall vision will come together, with federal education policy as the key plank.

More of this and these polls could easily start turning in the Liberal's favour.

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