Friday, January 22, 2010

Canadians get Dumber

And the Americanization of Canada continues.

This hardening attitude among Canadians is revealed in a new Angus Reid public opinion survey that found 62 per cent of respondents favour capital punishment for murderers, while 31 per cent believe that rapists should be put to death.

The figure is a significant boost from the last such survey, in 2004, when 48 per cent favoured capital punishment for murderers.

The next federal election will be fought on crime and "small government". Locking people away and firing public servants. Should play well to their base and, unfortunately, a growing number of normal Canadians.


  1. Shiner, you are off to a great start, but please drop that tired "Americanization" trope about anything the Canadian public appears to favour that you don't agree with. I've warned you already, Red Toryism starts as a soaring pledge of fidelity to our glorious heritage, and ends up a crabby and parochial whine about the Rapacious Yankee Trader.

    I suggest the Canadian public is far less malleable and causal about Canada than you hint, or perhaps I should say, ordain. Is it actually possible our ability to agree with the Americans on something is a sign of confidence and maturity, rather than servitude?

  2. Peter, I think how Canadians view crime has a good deal to do with the way our neighbours to the south look at it. That's not really what I meant though. An aging population and shite news media surely have something to do with how Canadians view crime, but the end result is American style justice. That's what the CPC is selling, and Canadians are buying. Not very clear in my post, but that's what I was thinking when I wrote Americanization, the predictable end.

    And, just for the record, I'm not quite as hard on the US as, say, Sir Francis might be. Things we pick up from the US aren't necessarily bad, just not Canadian. America and Americans are just fine in my books.

  3. Shiner is dead on. The Tim's crowd is all over the get tough on crime schtick.

  4. So here's something I've never understood: if the conservative view is that all government intervention is, to a lesser or greater degree, evil, then how are they ok with the state intervening to end someone's life?

    I'm not expecting you to have an answer, but it's always confused me. Isn't the execution of someone the ultimate in big government intrusion into your life?

  5. @ Cameron: Never confuse right wing rhetoric with logic ;)

  6. Cameron, keep in mind the libertarian streak of contemporary Conservatives is a pretty recent development. Hard justice has always been a key plank of the conservative (small c) ideology.

    In fact, it's one of the reasons I identified as a Conservative a few years back. I was mugged in a bus tunnel above the highway. An event like that makes punitive justice appealing awful quick.

    That said, there are libertarians in the CPC that remain pretty true to their ideology... not true enough to abandon the party, but they say they're against stuff like the death penalty. It's just that petty stuff like lethal injection doesn't measure up against paying less taxes.